Want to be the Scrum Master Your Team Wants?

12 October 18

Want to be the Scrum Master Your Team Wants?

Are you looking to be a great scrum master the team wants? That’s challenging! Over years’ of experience, I have seen how difficult to be one. Began two years ago in Indonesia, we took each opportunity that came across with passion and converted into meaningful actions which paved way for Ekipa’s successful agile journey. We launched Indonesia Scrum Master Certification Course, to teach individuals and teams to implement Scrum in the organization.

Join our upcoming 2-day program on 12-13th November and get certified!

As we know, a scrum journey can start with the certified scrum developer training or the product owner training, but the scrum master training gives people the overview of the framework. The 2-day training is not any dull powerpoint class with few activities which you often see, rather, a platform which helps you take your team and scrum concepts to take flight. On top of your scrum mindset, we help build great performing teams!

Being a great scrum master is exhausting, and we assist you in this journey. I have distilled it down here to why you need to join this.

  • Learn from the basics
  • Practical exercises
  • Work on improvements and apply in your team
  • Learn agile techniques for agile transformation journey in Indonesia
  • Learn on self-organising teams
  • Learn the materials for the ISM certification
  • Exam in both English & Bahasa
  • Lifetime certification

Working with a group of self driven individuals helped us frame Ekipa Re-invented and this got us deep into how to improve a team and keep on the right track, the bottom-line of ISM Certification.

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