Open Space Meetup (Journey Towards Agility)

23 July 18

Open Space Meetup (Journey Towards Agility)

On the evening of 16th July 2018 we had a very interesting Open Space meetup organised by Agile Circles Indonesia Community and hosted by Tokopedia. Around 40 people attended the meetup comprising of developers, scrum masters, designers, testers, agile coaches and project managers.

The event hosted by Ekipa started with an introductory speech by Dony Nathaniel (Strategic development Tokopedia) who gave an ‘Introduction about Tokopedia‘ for 30 minutes. His speech was very insightful and gave a good glimpse into the company and its business model.  

Then we kicked off the ‘Open Space’ meetup. Ekipa explained the rules to the audience and also how will they organize themselves during the meetup. After all the rules were explained, the audience were asked to post their questions and challenges on the topic wall. Every person posting their question had to speak for 2 minutes to encourage the audience to join their session. Depending on the audience interest which was gauged through an on-the-spot voting, 6 topics were selected and the person posting the question chosen as the facilitator. To make it more exciting, Tokopedia announced that it will give prize vouchers to the ‘Most Active participants’.

The 6 selected topics were discussed in 2 slots of 25 minutes each. In each slot, 3 facilitators went to their respective places in three corners of the hall and commenced the discussion. The audience is free to choose the discussion of their favorite topic. All the sessions were highly interactive with the audience proactively asking questions. Due to the large range of questions and the insightful and animated discussions that followed, both slots ended up taking more time than intended.

After the discussions concluded, Ekipa requested the audience to give online feedback and also announced the two ‘most active participants’ and gave prize vouchers to them. After a brief note of thanks, we ended the session on a high note, and look forward to hosting another similar session in the coming months.

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