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Agile Circles Indonesia! Roles & Activities

Roles That Define YOU!

Opt for the roles which excite you and be part of the Agile Circles Indonesia community. Let’s stay and grow agile together!

  • Agile Enthusiast: a person from the community who tries to start discussions and new initiatives. This is the basic level in our community, anybody can get this ‘label’. Engage in sharing happening stuff around agile.
  • Agile Evangelist: a person who actively evangelizes Agile in the community and tries to get more people to the community in different ways. Engage in conducting interviews within his/her own company or other companies and work to create a book of agile. Helps in creating video case studies as series.
  • Organizer: someone who organizes meetups and (paid) workshops. Engage in finding meetup spaces/ speakers. Organises paid workshops quarterly around scrum/agile – find venue, bring registration with the help of the Ekipa team
  • Agile Coach: a person who facilitates the private circles. Carry out the private circles in a proper rhythm – monthly once. Involve in coaching the peers of the circles. Each time the coach should bring an innovative topic to the discussion. Create different Whatsapp groups for different agile areas and find Agile Coach to facilitate in these locations
  • Agile Author: a person who writes, invites and reviews articles on the website. Bring more agile writers to write for the community and the aim is to bring more content helpful to the community.