Meetup playbook


Our meetups have an agile nature, topics and format can be altered based on the situation. In general, the setup is as follows.

Everything is free

There is no fee to attend our meetups. The venue sponsor also doesn’t pay anything, they just sponsor venue (and snacks/drinks). The organizers don’t get paid either.

Venue sponsor

Each meetup we have a venue sponsor; most also sponsor some snacks and drinks. Generally, our meetups have between 50-100 attendees. The venue sponsor can deliver a short presentation about the company (3-4 minutes); OR can deliver one of the talks (then it’s knowledge sharing). It’s OK if the venue sponsor places some promotional items. If you want to sponsor a venue, get in touch.

We need the following materials:

  • Beamer
  • Microphone
  • Some flipcharts + papers
  • Sticky notes
  • Markers


We have one or two talks on each meetup. The talks are short, maximum 15 minutes. The presenter is invited, based on the topic. If you want to speak, get in touch!


On most meetups, we do an open space. Sometimes, we do it fully open (the audience suggests topics), sometimes we pre-define and pre-select facilitators who host a topic. We sometimes experiment with different formats, like fishbowl.

Community guidelines

To make the meetups positive learning experiences, have a look at our community guidelines.