Meetup on Best Practices on Agile Estimation and Scaled Agile Framework

10 July 18

Meetup on Best Practices on Agile Estimation and Scaled Agile Framework

Wednesday, 4th July 2018 evening we had a very interesting meetup on two hot topics ‘Agile Estimation’ & ‘SAFe foundation for Lean agile enterprises’ hosted at Jakarta Digital Valley.

The event was attended by around 100 people spanning an audience comprising agile coaches, scrum masters, developers, designers, testers, project managers and C level executives. Thus it was a great opportunity to learn and cross-pollinate ideas related to agile estimation methods and cutting-edge frameworks for scaling agile teams.

The event started with an introduction to the AgileCirclesTM and Jakarta Digital Valley. Tejaswini from Greyamp Consulting took the stage and spoke at length about different agile estimation techniques. The event was made highly interactive using a group exercise The audience was divided into few groups, and each group did real-time estimation. Everyone was engaged and the exercise turned out to be very insightful while injecting a good dollop of fun.

After ending the first part on a high note, it was the time for the next speaker to come on stage. Michael from Scaled Agile gave a demo on the SAFe framework. Being a SAFe fellow, he brought his deep content expertise and impressed the audience with his expertise and knowledge. He accentuated the demo with case studies on SAFe and anecdotes and insights on how organization can use SAFe in their agile transformation journey. The audience was well engaged and questions kept flowing till the end of the session.

After a brief note of thanks, we ended the session with a highly energized audience while looking forward to seeing another exciting and fulfilling meetup session in the months to come.



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