Leadership Circle Upcoming

Digital Transformation To Empower Growth

Let’s discuss:
“Demystifying Digital Transformation” :

The talk would focus on defining “Digital Transformation”. Digital disruption is not simply automation as most organizations and leaders still think it is. It has consequences and uses far beyond this. This talk would help bring more clarity to this topic, help define the scope and also cover a a few flavours of digital transformation cases. Let’s also discuss Digital Transformation in the light of Agile and help clarify the difference between the two.

Our leadership circle is an invite-only quarterly event. Each circle meeting will address a different topic. We invite one speaker to share knowledge and experience, followed by an open space in which we discuss different topics, suggested by the participants.

This is our second leadership circle, which will be held on 12-12-2017:

Topic: Digital Transformation to Empower Growth
Speaker: Preethi Madhu

If you believe you or someone you know should receive an invitation to join the leadership circle, please let us know.