Leadership Circle Event Recaps

Bringing entrepreneurship into your company

As leaders, we are continuously looking for ways to bring growth, innovation and change to our companies. We see startups launch new products with unprecedented speed that threaten our traditional businesses. New management theories are launched at a similar speed.

Our leadership circle supports you in the search for better ways of leading your company. While agile is the central ‘label’ of our community, we see ‘agile’ as ‘bringing entrepreneurship’ to your company.

Our leadership circle is an invite-only quarterly event. Each circle meeting will address a different topic. We invite one speaker to share knowledge and experience, followed by an open space in which we discuss different topics, suggested by the participants.

Our first leadership circle was held on 11-10-2017:

Topic: Innovation in Indonesia
Speaker: Thierry Sanders

If you believe you or someone you know should receive an invitation to join the leadership circle, please let us know.