Keeping One Ambitious & Self Motivated – Ekipa Reinvented

05 January 18

Keeping One Ambitious & Self Motivated – Ekipa Reinvented

Ekipa, a platform which taught me to become self motivated, self driven and take up challenges as it comes, and I feel my co-workers too feel the same way. We never wish to pull ourselves away from situations which are difficult to handle, rather find out the best way to get it done. From being an online marketplace of IT services to an agile consultancy, Ekipa’s journey is truly amazing and challenging.

Hugo Messer, our Founder, agile expert and who has got 10+ years of experience in managing scrum teams is the backbone of the innovative model introduced in Ekipa during the latter part of 2017. Yes, we got reinvented to a flat structure and we all welcomed the new chapter of Ekipa with much positive spirit.

Embrace Entrepreneurship

Bringing entrepreneurship spirit alive is the key idea behind the extreme step. Our aim is to co-work with our clients/customers to help them bring agility to their organisation.  

As Michael Kerr, an international business speaker, author and president of Humor at Work said; “It’s about seeing the big picture and thinking like an owner.” “It’s being agile, never resting on your laurels, shaking off the cloak of complacency and seeking out new opportunities. It’s about taking ownership and pride in your organization.”

Knowing the path we are moving, each and every co-worker seeks out new opportunities and make sure we don’t miss any to reach our goal. Being flat is interesting, we don’t have specific roles, it has now become fluid. We could add new roles which no other organisation might have 🙂 or modify existing ones. Everything is in our hands and we are now the decision makers. As we embrace entrepreneurial spirit within Ekipa, we make sure that every co-worker’s idea needs to be considered, encouraged, and not criticised.

No formal roles, no traditional hierarchy, we took the bold move and adopted the complete “Flat Structure”. All power is within our team, together we discuss, propose, create, add or modify the rules.

To have an entrepreneurial spirit, you need people who think anything is possible and have the tenacity to accomplish it, says Marc de Grandpre, senior vice president of marketing for KIND Healthy Snacks. “Regardless if you are a senior executive or a junior team member, everyone has a voice that needs to be nurtured, not criticized, in order to continue bringing innovative ideas forward.”

Everyone is an Owner

As said above, it’s about taking ownership and accomplishing the objectives to achieve the vision. Each one takes up the tasks as it comes and it’s not like you could do only one particular type of task. If anyone feels this task is hard to handle or initiate something, as a team we find the solution and move forward. We are now getting us 100% self organised. Every co-worker must be;

  • Accountable
  • Trustable
  • Reliable
  • Honest
  • Decision maker

We Follow a Meeting Rhythm

Sprint Planning/Weekly meeting – Every Monday morning for half an hour to one hour, everyone discusses what he/she will do for the week and add the cards in the Trello Board.

Daily meeting – This is maximum for 10 minutes, where we discuss what we did the previous day. Daily meeting helps us to be updated on what every player is on from Tuesday to Thursday.

Demo – On Friday afternoon for half an hour, each player updates about the accomplished tasks.

Retro – After the demo meeting follows the retrospective session, where we discuss on what more we could achieve, what really went well and what we could improve as a team.  

We collaborate together on Trello Board and conduct meetings via Zoom. We find these tools easy and fun in bringing us together.  

Our team is growing big! People interested to work in an innovative, challenging, self organised atmosphere would be our right fit. We provide a flexible manner of working and again, you are your own boss.

Ready to join? Get in touch with us.

Check out a short presentation on our new story!

A glimpse of our 2018 planning meeting with the new self organised structure.

These are my colleagues take on the reinvention.

“This is a bold move where very few teams have ventured. It’s reinvention in a whole new package. And amazingly refreshing! There is no “Boss” anymore. The team together finds out the best ways to work. Failures are not frowned upon, rather is actually seen as a learning to move forward.” 

Lekha Philip

“In Ekipa reinvented you are your own boss. More autonomy to make our own decisions and gives us a sense of importance and makes us feel as if we have more input in the direction of the organisation. We have the freedom to make better use of the knowledge and experience we have and implement some of our own ideas.

Shalini Sreekanth

“I’m happy to work with this new model. Self organisation makes us independent, adding more values to the enterprise.


Wahid Nurdin


“Ekipa reinvention taught me to be more self-driven, helps me manage tasks in my core area as well sales and marketing. Taking decisions and driving the team together.” 


Fitri Hardiyanti


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