Go-talk: Roman Pichler

Join The Leading Product Management Expert On Video Conference

Roman Pichler is a leading product management expert specialised in digital products. He has 15 years experience in teaching product managers and product owners, and in helping companies improve their product management function. Roman is the author of the books Strategize and Agile Product Management with Scrum, and he writes a popular blog for product professionals.

     “I would love to join you all to discuss my perspective on how the role of Product Ownership can be scaled and it’s implementation in larger scrum projects!”



We will broadcast the video conference via Zoom, for the Go-talk click here – http://bit.ly/gotalkstream
Join the meetup on 27th, February @ Go-Jek and get a chance to meet Dian Rosanti, Senior Product Manager, who will share insights and walk you through Product Management based on her years of experience. 


Don’t miss to be at Go-Jek!
  • To be part of Dian’s talk and discussion, which we won’t broadcast
  • Q & A with both the speakers, which is only for the audience present at Go-Jek