Emergent Architecture And Design In Scrum

24 October 17

Emergent Architecture And Design In Scrum

After two days PSM training on October 9th-10th by Naveen Kumar Singh, we had an amazing scrum meetup at Amartha by Naveen on emergent architecture and design in scrum. Most of the companies on implementing the agile way of working face challenge in dealing with the architecture and this gathering discussed topics around scrum, agile and various practices. Naveen shared his insights on agile engineering practices and DevOps. Some of the main topics of discussion were;

  • How to shift from Requirement – Design – Code – Test to Requirement – Test – Code – Design
  • Learn Emergent Design by doing it
  • How to improve/refactor design of legacy code
  • Role of TDD in Emergent Design

Eventbrite - Professional Scrum Master Certification Training Jakarta

Check out our gallery to see how the meetup go!


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