Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Indonesia Scrum Master Certification

29 October 18

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Get Indonesia Scrum Master Certification

The term Agile is currently an interesting discussion. Companies in Indonesia is more fond with the name “Agile Thinking” and “Scrum”, from corporate companies to start-ups, everywhere we hear people saying “are you not into agile yet?” and “have you got a Scrum Master certificate?

Furthermore, we also hear the term Scrum often, so what exactly is Agile and Scrum?

In terminology, agile (adj) can be interpreted as able to move quickly and easily. Agile is a mindset and habit that depends on the strength of teamwork, incremental products and the iteration process to get the best end result. Whereas, Scrum is a work method that uses the Agile spirit.

Why Should Scrum?

Scrum has the advantage of making work more organized and everything can be completed with acceleration, effectiveness and collaboration. Scrum in itself, consists of three roles: Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team. The Scrum Master is in charge of being the facilitator and mediator.

But how can we know that someone has the ability to be a Scrum Master? We Ekipa has come with the  Scrum Master certification program, called the Indonesia Scrum Master (ISM) where you can take the test in English or Bahasa Indonesia. This ISM certification proves your ability to think and acts as a Scrum Master facilitator relevant to the Indonesian industry. The syllabus is specifically designed to help you get into firms which looks out for proficient scrum masters to lead their local or distributed teams.

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