DevOps: You Touch It, You Improve It!

10 February 18

DevOps: You Touch It, You Improve It!

DevOps meetup by Amit Kumar and Thomas Rothe was indeed an interesting and informative one. DevOps being called as the game-changer, Amit Kumar focused around;

* how do I change the culture?
* who will own the change of culture?
* who will be penalized if the change of culture doesn’t happen?

And as DevOps defines as “People over Process over Tools”, Thomas Rothe talked on how to understand people more deeply than tools and what we need to create different mindsets in people for better transformation. These were the main points of discussion.

This evening we will discuss:
* what is an improvement
* create improvements as habit
* the Boy Scout Rule
* what should and what should not be improved
* how to be certain we don’t improve something for the worse

If you are interested to check out the slides here. The meetup was conducted in Microsoft Indonesia on February 13th with 100+ agile enthusiasts. Do check out our gallery from the meetup.

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