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Indonesia Scrum Master Certification, industry-recognized certification will show your mastery of basic theory and best practices in helping people develop and value products using Scrum. If you have your ISM 1, get to the next level ISM 2 through Agile Circles Community!

Agile Circles

Agile circles is a community of Agile practitioners. Circles are like minded peers in the same role as you (scrum master, product owner, developer or leader). Let's share, learn and grow together!


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To support your agile growth, we have an online community in facebook, slack and what's app. Learn how to successfully implement Agile methodologies with our highly interactive events.

The Perfect Team

Some of our Awesome members

  • Komal Bhalla

    Scrum Master, Agile coach and a PHP professional who having 10+ years of international experience spanning the UK, Indonesia, India and Australia. One of her assets is her empathy. As a scrum master and agile coach, she is able to understand people. This enables her to work with people at different levels in multicultural environments and move them towards the agile way of working.

  • Thierry Sanders

    Entrepreneur for Entrepreneurs. Job creation through business. business finance, P2P lending, online matchmaking of investors and mentors, angel investing, kitesurfer, sketcher, father, connector, founder, emerging market economist, Offline-2-Online.

  • Nesie Clarissa

    Event and community relations specialists. Adaptive, love to build and maintain relationships with individuals and organizations, used to hosting community activities, and organizing events.

  • Ugeng Wijaya

    Community co-organizer & meetup facilitator. Passionate helping companies through an Agile Transformation. He believes that the most challenging in agile transformation is people mindset. Ugeng is an author of “Scrum Self Study” and Instructor Agile & Scrum at Skill Academy by Ruangguru.

  • Hugo Messer

    Has been building and managing teams around the world for over 10 years.Bridge Global is the service firm which was first built. Wrote 6 books about distributed teams and based on the experience, I’m passionate in helping other teams become better at (distributed) agile through training and coaching. I’m a Certified Scrum Professional.

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