About Us

About Us

Agile Circles Indonesia is a community of agile enthusiasts. We support people interested in agile (scrum, kanban, lean, etc). Our goal is to help people stay agile and grow.

  • Want to discus challenges you experience when adopting agile development?
  • Want to learn best practises in agile?
  • Want to know which agile methodology suits your business?

We have monthly meetups in Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya, Makassar and Jogjakarta. Meetups have an agile theme, covered by 1 or 2 short presentations and then an open space. In open space, the audience picks topics, votes which ones to pick and then groups discuss the topic with a facilitator.

We also have Agile Circles, groups of 3-9 practitioners, who gather on a monthly basis. In these circles, you get a chance to build a bond with peers and discuss the things that really matter to you. No abstract conversations, but solutions to your daily challenges.

To support our practitioners, we have a slack team. In Slack, we have channels to discuss specific topics. A low barrier way to discuss with peers. Everything we do is led by our community guidelines.

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